An Excursion Into Prestige Smart City Villas

Prestige Smart City is an upcoming residential project by Prestige Group consisting of about 400 villas. Upcoming project Smart City has sprawled over a large land area, especially located in Sarjapur Road of West Bangalore. This residential estate project includes luxurious villas and luxurious apartments and has the highest rate of approvals among other similar projects in the city. The main thrust of Prestige Smart City project is to cater to the leisure, business and recreational needs of the people residing in the region.

The project will initially consist of about 400 luxurious villas spread on about three to four acres of land on the outskirts of the city. The concept behind Prestige Smart City plan is to enable residents to live a luxurious life, complete with all facilities of an ITC (inward trade) center by merging onto a premium quality State of the Art public road network. The project will also offer seamless connectivity to the rest of the city and the airport, and is meant to replace the present bus service to Andheri. Once complete, Prestige Smart City will be fully integrated into the existing busy road network of Andheri and will offer an extremely pleasant commute for residents.


The main thrust behind Prestige Smart City development is to provide residents with world-class services and amenities by merging them into one-stop destination. The basic idea behind this idea is to create a one-stop destination offering services like shopping, dining, doctor and lawyer consultation, financial consultation, Internet access and everything that residents need for an active lifestyle. One major objective of the project is to provide residents with some amazing recreational facilities like: beautiful apartments, modern flats, luxurious villas, restaurants with international cuisine and many more. Apart from residential apartments, Prestige Smart City also offers luxury villas, a swimming pool, gymnasium and a helipad facility. There are several other amenities including: state of the art fitness centre, car parking, business centre, shopping malls, internet cafe, foreign currency exchange and many more. This latest addition to the rich list of luxurious apartments in Andheri is sure to set new benchmarks in the field of luxury real estates.


The concept of Prestige Smart City was initially developed in collaboration with the leading real estate developers and property management companies of Andheri and other major cities of Andheri. These companies are responsible for providing excellent and efficient facilities to residents at the apartments. One can find top notch accommodation at the renowned complexes like Andheri VIP Park, Andheri Platinum City, Prestige Village, Vasant Vihar, Vastu Palace and many other renowned complexes. Most of these apartments have been designed by world renowned architects, who have combined traditional elements with modern innovations to create a wonderful blend. Some of the renowned residential properties are located on Andheri’s famed ‘golden triangle’, which includes the famous Andheri platinum flat on the top; Vasant Vihar and Vastu Palace on the sides; along with the innovative and state of the art fitness centre at Prestige Smart City Sarjapur Road.


An ideal itinerary to take after visiting Prestige Smart City Sarjapur Road is to head straight to Andheri’s commercial heart, along National Express Highway. Just turn right when you reach Bhatye Beach, and you will find the Andheri Promenade situated at the foot of the beach. From here you will get into a maze of shopping malls, boutiques and spas. You can also turn left after entering the Promenade, and head towards the exit onto the main street of Andheri, which is appropriately named – Freedom Way.


You will find some interesting landmarks on the way, such as the Andheri railway station and the Andheri railway line. At the end of your trip along the National Express Highway, you can turn right and walk towards the gleaming sea front of Bandstand. And finally, after exploring all this majestic panorama, you can return to your sleek and splendidly designed Prestige Smart City villas. This is an exciting way to explore the many wonders of the southern region of India. And that is exactly what Prestige Smart City offers!