Preparing Your First Emergency Sewing Kit

Whether you’re on the road or just in a bind, there comes a point in just about every traveler’s life where an emergency sewing kit becomes indispensable. Whether you’re fixing your bicycle or fishing, emergency sewing kits can make the difference between getting by and staying at home. Emergency sewing kit Choices: Top 5. Best Sewing Kits for Travelers

Editor’s Choice: Coquimbo “The Big Red Cast Iron” Sewing Machine. Have you been on the road for any length of time and realized that perhaps your perfectly good work pants are missing a stitch or the seam on your favorite shirt has ripped slightly? If so, tell the world that a quality sewing machine is by far the best method to prepare for such a situation, but now it is difficult to keep everything that you may feasibly require with you… This is where the Coquimbo weighs in. Made of cast iron, this easy-to-assemble sewing machine from Japan is one of the best investments you could ever make.


Pick a Stocking of Needed Sewing Tools. Are your needles and thread in good shape? Is your pattern book coming along nicely, but you know you have forgotten the back button on your favorite shirt? Do you have some scissors and/or a ruler handy, but no needles? You’ve got the best sewing kit out there-a full set of replacement needles, thread, and/or buttons, if needed.


Three Cons: No Needles, No Threads, and No Shoes. The emergency sewing kit doesn’t contain any needles, thread, or shoes, so you’ll need those to complete the task at hand. If you are like most people, you are going to lose quite a bit of time attempting to knit socks using just these three items. If you are good at following patterns, however, you can find enough needles and threads in sufficient quantities to complete the task.


Four Cons: All That Glitters is Not Gold. If you are a serious sewer, you probably already own several pairs of high quality sewing needles and threaders, so this is not a huge concern. However, many people who knit socks are not so adept at doing this. This can be an important item to have if you knit bulky items that could get caught in the eye of a needle. It is also important to note that one pair of high-quality scooters will typically last approximately three months before they need to be replaced.


The above mentioned items are just a few of the many that can be included in a well-stocked kit. It should be noted that many kits contain additional items, as well as scissors, bobbins, needles and threaders as well as other accessories. In addition, it is always a good idea to keep some spare cloths and/or rags on hand as well. Having an emergency sewing box or knitting kit available when you need it can make the difference between being well stocked and having to endure a run of bad luck with your needles and/or fabric.