Metrop Mr2 High Potash Flower Fertilizer

Metrop Mr2 High Potash Flower Fertilizer

Metrop Mr2 High Concentrate Flower Fertilizer is a highly concentrated fertilizer for flower cultivation. This fertilizer is especially useful for indoor cultivation of flowers. It provides the necessary nutrients for the flowers and can be used on a schedule. It also contains trace elements such as potash and nitrate, which can promote the growth of your indoor flower crops.

Best fertilizer for fruit trees

Metrop Mr2 is a fast-acting liquid fertilizer for flowering and fruiting plants. It can be used in hydroponic systems or in open soil. It has the optimal ratio of PHOSPHORUS-POTASSIUM for maximum fruit thickness.

The pH of the soil is important for the growth of fruit and vegetable plants. They grow best in a neutral pH range, which is between 5.5 and 8.5. A pH of 8.5 can block the absorption of nutrients, while a pH of 5.5 may inhibit photosynthesis. Potassium has little effect on pH, but too much can harm plants.

METROP MR2 High Potash Flower Fertilizer contains 40% potash compared to 20% phosphorus, which makes fruit buds more swollen and healthier. This fertilizer also contains trace nutrients that are vital for the growth of plants, such as enzymes and hormones. Moreover, it contains potassium, a micronutrient that helps the roots grow stronger.

Buy Metrop Mr2 best fertilizer for fruit trees

Metrop MR2 is a fast-acting liquid fertilizer for fruit trees and flowering plants. It contains 40% potash and 20% phosphorous, so your fruit buds will grow thicker and healthier. It also contains trace nutrients, essential for the production of plant-specific enzymes and hormones. It is also high in vitamins.

This fertilizer is biodegradable, so it can be used in any medium for flowers and fruit trees. It can also be used in hydroponic systems, making it perfect for those with very nutrient-poor soil. This product should be stored in a dark, frost-free area.

Metrop MR2 high potash flower fertilizer is specially formulated for a high crop yield. It contains 40% Potassium, a critical substance for root growth and fruit yield. It also contains a cocktail of trace elements to improve the plant’s vitality and increase flower production. It should be applied during the second or third week of flowering to ensure the optimum effect.

Metrop MR2 high concentrate flower fertilizer

Metrop MR2 high concentrate flower fertilizers contain all the macro and micro nutrients essential for flowering plants. The product is 100% bio-based and does not contain water or harmful colouring. Only the purest raw materials are used to produce this product. This product is safe to use, and is suitable for indoor flower cultivation.

Metrop MR2 flower fertilizer contains high concentrations of NPK and phosphorus. This product does not precipitate in irrigation systems and is suitable for hydroponics. Its pH balance is also optimal. Its composition contains superior micro elements, which help plants perform photosynthesis more quickly and produce a higher quality final product.

Metrop MR2 high concentrate flower fertilizers are easy to use and are ideal for home gardeners. This product is compatible with other Metrop fertilizer products. Its unique composition helps to protect flowers from harmful rot and mold. It also contains additional calcium, thereby strengthening plant tissues.